Google is now forcing you to manage your Google Business Profile from Google Search (or the Google Maps App.) It can take a little while to get used to managing your Business Profile in Google Search — everything is completely different. New menus. Everything is in a different place. Posts are called updates (why? I Read More »

There are many who claim that SEO is dead, and there is enough circumstantial evidence for them to back up this claim. The increase in video content, especially short-form video, has significantly changed the way individuals consume knowledge on the web. So while people might look for something they have a question about on Google first, these days you may discover that searching on YouTube or perhaps even TikTok first might give you the answer you’re looking for. There’s no denying that the way individuals consume knowledge on the internet has actually been changing over the years; however, that definitely does not mean that SEO is dead. If that were Read More »

If you haven’t started creating videos for your business and including those videos in the content on your website, get going! It’s not too late to start providing this type of valuable video content to your users and potential customers. But if you want your videos to get found on YouTube and Google searches, you must Read More »

Improving your search engine rankings on search engines like Google and Bing involves very specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies — and there are a lot of SEO strategies that can be utilized on a website to help a site rank higher on the search engines. The great thing about Search Engine Optimization is that it delivers long-term results by improving your Read More »

There Are Three Ways To Manage A Google Business Profile: Which Way Is Best For Your Business? When Google changed the name of their popular listing product from Google My Business to Google Business Profile in November 2021, there were a few other changes that came with it. One of those changes was how business Read More »

Google’s Business Messages Lets You Offer Great Customer Service With Chat It’s essential to offer great customer service if you want loyal customers or clients. The best way? Make sure your company is accessible to answer their questions when they need help. Putting your phone number and email address on your website just doesn’t cut it Read More »

When it comes to Google, changes are inevitable. And so it was really no surprise to me when Google announced in early November that the name of its local listing platform, Google My Business (GMB), was being changed to Google Business Profile. According to Matt Madrigal, VP/GM Merchant Shopping, “Moving forward, we recommend small businesses Read More »

Google My Business Disables Some Categories for SABs Joy Hawkins from Local U recently wrote a great article about how Google My Business disabled select categories for Service Area Businesses (SABs). Why? Partly to prevent spam and partly because some of these categories are typically known by consumers as storefront-type businesses. Because SABs are generally Read More »

Suspended Google My Business Profile

For most local businesses, Google My Business (GMB) is THE best way for them to market their business online. Google My Business also helps businesses rank high for local keywords on Google. Their GMB profile is a great way to get more customers, clients or leads. So when a company’s GMB profile gets suspended, it Read More »

Pick GMB Categories

Picking the right Google My Business (GMB) categories for your GMB listing is a particularly important step to optimize your GMB profile. Not only do GMB categories have a direct impact on rankings (your primary category especially), but they also play a role in determining which features will be available to you in your Google Business dashboard Read More »