Digital Marketing: You Know You Need An Online Digital Marketing Strategy – But Where Do You Start and Who Do You Trust?

These days having an online digital marketing presence isn’t optional — it’s a requirement. But let’s face it. Digital marketing can be confusing and overwhelming for most business owners. I get that – you’re the expert at what you do and have better things to worry about (like managing your business!) But here’s a fact: if your business doesn’t have a strong digital marketing strategy and potential clients or customers can’t find you online, your business will struggle and get left behind…Keep reading to find out how early bird digital marketing agency can help your business grow…

To make things even more complicated, you’re bombarded with calls and emails from supposed “digital marketing experts” who are vying for your money. They will typically call with you with heart-stopping claims about how your business is in trouble if you don’t fix “this” or “that” and if you pay them to do the work, they will solve all your problems. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! These days virtually anyone with a computer can set up a Google My Business listing and a quick website and call themselves a digital marketer. When you hire a digital marketing agency to help grow your business, you need to hire an expert in the industry who is qualified, has credentials and truly knows what they are talking about!

Your Customers Are Just Like You: How Do You Find Products and Services When You Shop?

Think about how you look for products or services. When you want to purchase a product or need to hire a service company, what do you do first? If you’re like most consumers – a whopping 97%  – you go online to research products or services. Yup. You pull out your mobile smart phone, get out your tablet or turn on your trusty computer, go to Google and do a search for what you’re looking for. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the search engine results, you probably quickly move on, change the search keywords you use on Google and try your luck again until you find websites that have the information you’re looking for.

If you’re like a lot of people, you might even ask a friend or someone you trust for a product or service company recommendation. But once you get that recommendation, chances are you’ll still probably go online to do more research on the recommended company or product. (Oh, and while you’re searching, you’ll probably also take a look at the product or business’ reviews — reviews are important to a business’ reputation because 88% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.) Once you find a company online that has the product or service you’re interested in, THEN you get in your car and drive to that local business or pick up the phone to call them.

As you can see, the Internet is the NEW way to shop and find local businesses…

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What does this mean for your business? If you’re not showing up on the first few pages of Google when potential customers search for what you have to offer, you’re missing out — 91.5% of traffic comes from the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs).

But do you want to know the beauty of all this digital marketing stuff? By having a killer digital marketing strategy for your business, highly targeted and motivated customers will find YOU online! If you have a solid digital marketing plan and strategy, you won’t have to struggle as much to find a fresh stream of prospective customers or clients, because these qualified, ready-to-buy prospects will be online seeking out and finding you.

Find out more about the Internet marketing services we offer to help you grow your business. Run FREE SEO Reports and Website Audit Reports to see how your where your website and digital marketing strategy is doing well — and where you can use some help!

Trust Experience: Digital Marketing Professional Since 1998

Sherry Bonelli: Digital Marketer With 20+ Years’ Experience In the Industry

sherry-bonelli-digital-marketer-seo-reputation-marketingWhen you’re looking for a person or digital marketing agency to help with your digital marketing efforts, you want an experienced digital marketing professional you can trust. Local businesses in Cedar Rapids (and other towns and cities across the U.S. and the world!) often struggle to find ways to get new customers or clients. I help companies like yours get found online – so YOU get more customers, more leads, more sales and – best of all – more money!!! How do I do it?

I’ve been a digital marketer, specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), since 1998. (Yes, that’s right. If you’re lookin’ for a twenty-something newbie, I’m not your gal.)

We can help with the following digital marketing services:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google My Business (GMB) Optimization
  • Google My Business Spam Fighting/Redressal
  • Online Local Business Directories/Citations: Listings, Optimization and Updates
  • Content Marketing
  • Reputation Marketing and Management
  • Website Design and Development
  • Social Media Management: Setup, Social Media Updates, Advertising, Marketing — and even Social Media Retargeting
  • Retargeting and Targeted Display Ads
  • Inbound Marketing
  • UX, User Experience, Usability Testing
  • Social Wi-Fi (This is a FUN one! If you want to socially engage with your customers like never before, you MUST contact us and ask about Social Wi-Fi. If your business currently offers free Wi-Fi, this is something you should definitely look into — now! It will wow you!)
  • Video Marketing
  • Native Advertising
  • Mobile App Development
  • Text Message/SMS Marketing
  • Online Appointment Setting Software Integration
  • DIY Training/Coaching – one-on-one, self-paced or corporate training
  • Do you need a speaker at your next event? Sherry Bonelli is a renowned industry speaker that has spoken at leading conferences, webinars and podcasts including:
    • Traffic & Conversion Summit, SMX, SCORE, MozPod, The Local Leaders Podcast, SEMrush, Edge of the Web, Digital Marketer, Local Marketing Institute, Florida Realtor Convention and others. She is also a guest columnist for leading digital marketing websites, like Search Engine Land, Moz, SEMrush, SEO For Growth, GeoMarketing, SCORE and others. She’s earned recognition by having some of the most shared local SEO blog posts on the internet. She was even awarded Search Engine Land’s 2018 SEO Contributor of the Year Award, and for two years in a row, two of her blog posts were the MOST read blog posts on Search Engine Land (2017 AND 2018)Contact Sherry today if you’d like her to speak about digital marketing at your next event!Past Speaking Engagements 

      Sherry has presented, been interviewed on podcasts or lead webinars for:

      • Traffic & Conversion Summit
      • SMX
      • Google Get Your Business Online
      • MozPod
      • Digital Marketer
      • The Local Leaders Podcast
      • Edge of the Web
      • SEMrush
      • SCORE National
      • seoClarity
      • Beyond Rubies
      • SCORE East Central Iowa
      • And Others

Sherry is also a recipient of the 2018 SCORE National Award and a partner, through SCORE East Central Iowa Chapter for the Growth With Google Program:

SCORE National Award WinnerGrow with Google Program Partner

“Early Bird Digital Marketing is one of those companies you find after a great deal of research and then forget everything else because their quality of service is so good. They took the time to understand my needs and designed customized solutions that worked for me. Their customer support is great too! Do consider doing business with them now that you have finally found them!”

Roger Singh, Global Technicom

With more than 20+ years’ digital marketing and project management experience, I’ve built a solid foundation and expertise of online marketing principles that will get you results. Find out more about my digital marketing experience…How-To-Claim-Google-My-Business-Google+

Additionally, I am a proud SCORE Counselor at the SCORE East Central Iowa chapter. I help businesses identify their digital marketing strategy and work closely with Google on their “Get Your City On The Map” (now called “Grow with Google”) program that helps small local businesses claim FREE Google My Business profiles — which helps them get found more easily by local consumers.

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Service Spotlight: Reputation Marketing (aka Reputation Management)

Do you know how many positive online reviews your business has? Do you have negative reviews? If you don’t have any reviews that looks bad, too. As a business you want to build a 5-star reputation. Why? what-is-reputation-managementBecause now more than ever people look up a business’ online reviews before they decide which business they will go to to make a purchase. Additionally, Google and other search engines — like Bing and Yahoo! — prominently display a business’ online ratings in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Don’t let negative reviews get you down. You no longer have to struggle to find the best way to ask a happy customer to leave you a review. Contact us today to find out how our proprietary reputation management software can help YOU proactively get reviews from happy customers and delicately manage the people who had a bad experience at your business.

Watch the video below now to find out more and then contact us today to find out how you can get a FREE, limited time trial of our reputation marketing system.

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