Improving your search engine rankings on search engines like Google and Bing involves very specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies — and there are a lot of SEO strategies that can be utilized on a website to help a site rank higher on the search engines. The great thing about Search Engine Optimization is that it delivers long-term results by improving your Read More »

I was on today answering digital marketing questions that some business owners had posted. In case you’ve never heard of it, is a place where people can go to ask questions about virtually anything — and people will provide answers. (I love to go out and educate business owners as much as I Read More »

Did Your Business Get Hit By Google’s Latest Local Business Change? Google recently made one of the biggest “shifts” the LOCAL search results have seen in a loooong time! In making this huge change, Google’s pissed off a lot of business owners. Are you one of them? As a business owner you may (or may Read More »

Attorneys: You Can Pay Top Dollars for Google AdWords…Or Get Your Site Optimized for Organic SEO In the first half of 2015, Google raked in almost $35 billion — an 11% increase in revenue year over year. How is Google making money? Google makes the majority of its revenue from Google’s AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) program. PPC Read More »