Suspended Google My Business Profile

For most local businesses, Google My Business (GMB) is THE best way for them to market their business online. Google My Business also helps businesses rank high for local keywords on Google. Their GMB profile is a great way to get more customers, clients or leads. So when a company’s GMB profile gets suspended, it can create a loss of sales and revenue AND causes incredible stress for the business owner. As a Google My Business Product Expert, I see people make mistakes on the GMB Help Forum with regard to Google My Business profile suspensions. Things like, “My profile was suspended and I didn’t do anything wrong.” (Umm…Yes, you most likely did do something wrong. Your profile probably violates something in GMB’s Guidelines for Representing Your Business on Google.) Or they mistakenly don’t fix their listing before they submit the reinstatement request form. And sometimes your listing might get suspended for dumb reasons that truly aren’t your fault — like if you change your GMB business categories too often. If your profile gets suspended, you need to figure out what rules your listing violates and fix them.

Suspended Google My Business Profile

What Should You Do When Your GMB Profile Gets Suspended?

If your Google My Business profile gets suspended, it’s a serious thing. And there could be a variety of issues going on that could’ve caused your suspension. It’s also important that you do things correctly so you have a better chance of getting your listing reinstated.

When your GMB profile gets suspended, it’s up to you to prove to Google that you are a legitimate business that is qualified to have a GMB profile. That means that your listing has to follow Google’s guidelines, be in compliance and you must have the legal or official business documentation and photographic proof Google requires to prove everything.

In one of my recent articles on Search Engine Journal, Google My Business Listing Suspended? Here’s How to Recover, I go over in great detail exactly what causes most suspensions as well as what you need to do to increase the likelihood of getting your listing reinstated.

Chances are, your profile will get suspended at some point. It’s important to be prepared for when that happens. Read this article today so that you know what to do if and when your Google My Business listing gets suspended.