There Are Three Ways To Manage A Google Business Profile: Which Way Is Best For Your Business?

how to manage google business profilesWhen Google changed the name of their popular listing product from Google My Business to Google Business Profile in November 2021, there were a few other changes that came with it. One of those changes was how business owners and managers (users) of the profiles could manage the Business Profiles. Google announced that they were doing away with the Google My Business App in 2022, so to replace that Google Business Profile management tool, they announced that people could now use the Google Maps App to manage their Google Business Profiles.

This means that there are three ways to manage a Google Business Profile:

  1. Through the Business Profile Manager
  2. Directly on Google Search
  3. On the Google Maps App

Which Tool Is Right For You to Manage YOUR Google Business Profile(s)?

In my guest article for RioSEO, How To Edit Your Google Business ProfileI talk about the three ways you can manage and edit your Google Business Profile and which way is best depending on your particular situation.

If you want to learn about the best way — or ways — to manage and edit your company’s GBP, check out my latest article about Google Business Profile on RioSEO!