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MozPod Podcast Transcript: Google My Business Best Practices   I LOVE being a regular guest on Moz’s MozPod podcast. One of my most favorite episodes was the Google My Business Best Practices podcast. Below you will find the full transcript of the podcast so you can listen AND follow along! Enjoy… Brian Childs: 00:08 Welcome to Read More »

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I was on today answering digital marketing questions that some business owners had posted. In case you’ve never heard of it, is a place where people can go to ask questions about virtually anything — and people will provide answers. (I love to go out and educate business owners as much as I Read More »

Did Your Business Get Hit By Google’s Latest Local Business Change? Google recently made one of the biggest “shifts” the LOCAL search results have seen in a loooong time! In making this huge change, Google’s pissed off a lot of business owners. Are you one of them? As a business owner you may (or may Read More »