Are You Working With a Digital Marketing Agency? Here’s a Question You Should Ask Them…

I'm attending Social Media Success Summit!In the digital marketing world, you MUST keep current with all that’s going on in the industry. That means reading industry blogs; following industry leaders and influencers; visiting niche websites; getting and reading email newsletters; joining online digital marketing networking groups; attending social media, SEO, content marketing, etc. conferences; and more.

Social Media Examiner is one of the social media go-to websites for social media information. Every year they put on an amazing online only social media conference. This social media conference is led by social media and digital marketing industry experts, and every year I learn so much as far as social media best practices, changes and updates to social media platforms, can engage with other attendees through their private Facebook and Twitter pages and much more.

Does the agency that you’re working with spend the time and money to educate their employees by sending them to conferences and training sessions like this? Sending employees to conferences like Social Media Success Summit — and making sure that each individual is current on what’s working and what’s not working in the industry — is vital. If your agency is not involved in the Socia Media Success Summit, that’s a BIG miss.

If you’re spending your hard-earned money to have your digital marketing done by an Internet marketing agency, you should know whether or not they’re willing to invest time — and money — into their team’s training, education and success.

Next time you talk to your Socia Media Community Manager on the phone, just casually ask, “So are you attending the Social Media Success Summit?” and see what they say.