Get 5-Star Reviews From YOUR Customers To Build Trust AND Boost Your Google Rankings

These days almost everyone does their research before they make a purchase for a product or service. Do you know what people are saying about your business online? What type of reviews are people leaving for you about your business? If you have no reviews that’s not good. Why? Because people are actually searching for reviews about your business. If you have bad reviews you need to seriously take a look at how your business is running and determine why people are leaving negative reviews.

88% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. One of the best investments a business can make is investing in their online reputation. We have proprietary reputation marketing and reputation management software tools that will help you solicit and politely ask for reviews from your customers. These reputation management and reputation marketing tools have “smart routing” capabilities so that if someone leaves a negative review of 3 stars or less, instead of being sent out the the Internet to post the negative review for the whole world to see, an email with that customer’s comments and feedback is sent to your inbox so you can work with that customer offline. However, if the customer leaves a positive review of 4-5 stars, then they are given the opportunity to copy and paste that positive review on review sites that YOU selected. This way positive reviewers are automatically sent out to the Internet so they can praise your business for all to see.

We Offer Reputation Marketing and Reputation Management Software Tools to Meet Any Business’ Budget

Since we offer access to multiple reputation marketing tools, we can set you up with a reputation software package that will work with your budget. So now there’s no excuse NOT to have a 5-star reputation. Contact early bird digital marketing today and ask how we can help you get your 5-star review system set up today!