Digital Marketing: Adopt It Or Wither

digital marketing funnelDigital marketing, social media channels, reputation and reviews, search engine optimization, mobile communications, etc. have changed the way customers interact with your business, products, service and brand. Consumers today are now able to create their own buying experience and no longer have to follow the pre-determined, linear, “push-type” marketing trail that you’ve traditionally relied on them to follow to find your business.

Consumers now utilize a variety of on- and off-line channels to start, stop, engage, rejoin – basically creating their own path to purchase. Once they’ve engaged with your brand, you want to offer amazing products and services so these consumers help build a community around your brand.

So, the conventional marketing funnel is blown out of the water and is now irrelevant — traditional campaigns just aren’t working like they used to and it’s time for you and your business to change your strategy to match the times. (No matter how hard that might seem right now.)

To be successful you need a digital marketing mix that works for YOUR business and your consumers. Let’s figure out the right path together.