Whether  you’re using online or offline advertising and marketing — or a mixture of both strategies — you have a variety of business marketing tools you can use. One of these tools is blogging. Even though the number of businesses that are blogging is growing, surprisingly there are still many businesses that don’t have blogs on their websites. By simply setting up a blog and sharing valuable content with your target audience, you can lure in new customers. So what are the benefits of blogging and why should you get on board and put a blog on your site?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whether you are marketing a local company or a national corporation, your goal is to be on page 1 of Google. More than 90% of traffic coming out of Google comes from the first page of results. Thankfully, blogging increases your online presence, backlinks and helps in a variety of other ways to increase your organic ranking and which will help you on your quest to land near the top on search engine results. Optimizing your blog post for targeted keywords will help even more. By writing keyword-optimized blog posts, more people see your blog post.

Active Customers Become Loyal Fans

One of the best benefits of having a blog is that you may make easily shareable content that you — or your customers — can post on social media pages. The secret is to ensure that the information you’re writing about is something that your customers are actually searching for and provides valuable content they will want to read and share. For instance, if you sell swimming pools, a nice blog post titled, Everything You Need for an Amazing Summer Vacation would probably be of interest to your customers and site visitors. If a blog post works your followers will share it and this means more eyes on your content — and, hopefully, more people sharing your content with others.

Position Your Company as an Industry Thought Leader

Blogging is a model of inbound marketing. This means people are actually seeking you out the content you’re providing as opposed to you going after them and interrupting them. If they are looking for information and find it on your business’ blog, you suddenly become a experienced and valuable resource for them. This can set you up as an industry thought leader — and people are far more likely to do business with someone they trust than someone they don’t even know.

Just like being active in social media marketing, blogging is no longer optional — it’s a necessity. Do not get left behind. Start blogging today!