Every business wants to know how to get more visitors to their blog. You are probably one of them! When you create amazing content that nobody sees it, quite franky stinks.

Get-more-blog-visitorsThere are plenty of new ways to help generate traffic and leads. In fact, there’s one right under your nose that has a double-edged sword: email subscribers.

Here are a few of the ways to grow your list of email subscribers, and then leverage that for more traffic to your blog.

The mechanics of building a larger email subscriber base

There are basics to ensure that you’re doing the best job you can collecting new emails. Here are just a few…

  • Put an opt-in form on every page of your website
  • Consider using an exit popup so people can sign up for your email newsletters before they leave your site
  • Offer a free resource to entice people to sign up. This could be anything from a checklist, ebook, free consultation, white paper, etc.
  • Run an ad campaign to your offer page through Google AdWords
  • Conduct a free webinar.Webinars are a great way to personally engage with your potential customers
  • Use video marketing. Video marketing is HUGE and studies show that video marketing is something that every business will need to do

Don’t get overwhelmed. Use the strategies you are most familiar with and get started! Running paid ads and videos will give you the quickest results. List building is a lifetime-of-your-business priority. Keep trying to get more and more people all the time.

How to use your list to drive traffic to your blog

Here’s where the magic comes in. Whenever you publish new content on your blog, you simply email your subscribers and let them know about your new blog post, offering a short preview and including several links to the blog post.

Make sure your content is worthy of sharing — don’t make your content self-serving. Make it informative. You may find that not only will this email get your subscribers to visit your website to read your blog post, but if your content is valuable it will get forwarded and get shared.

The Internet is all about content, and that content includes images. Use images, videos and outright bribes if needed to get the click through to your blog post. Be sure to include social media buttons and actively encourage sharing and forwarding.

The benefits of this type of marketing are: you’ll get immediate direct traffic and over time your posts will rank better in the search engine results, and you’ll receive lots of new incoming backlinks to your blog post page.

To me that sounds pretty good, how about you?