If you own a local business (or are a digital marketer), you probably already know that having a Google Business Profile (GBP) is one of the best ways to get a business to rank higher on Google searches. An optimized Google Business Profile means more calls, clicks, and customers at your business – and more money in your bank account.

The problem: Google Business Profile has gotten A LOT more complicated — which means more and more businesses are having issues updating their profiles, are getting posts and photos rejected and are getting their business profiles suspended for violating Google’s Guidelines.

As a Google Business Profile Platinum Product Expert, I’m on the Help forum for hours every week answering questions from business owners just like you. And there are TONS of questions being asked. Here are just some of the questions we see on the Help Forum:


Google Business Profile Help Forum

Do YOU Have These Types of Google Business Profile Questions, Too?

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Who Is Sherry Bonelli?

Sherry Bonelli, SEO and Digital MarketerSherry Bonelli is a Google Business Profile Platinum Product Expert and a nationally recognized local SEO expert and digital marketing professional. She entered the digital marketing world in 1998 when she launched her first ecommerce business selling pregnancy and baby products. Her ecommerce site was selected as one of the top 10 websites by a leading pregnancy magazine, and she appeared on the TODAY Show, CNN, ABC News and other media outlets.

Her digital marketing agency, early bird digital marketing, is in Cedar Rapids, IA, but she serves clients all over the U.S. Sherry is passionate about helping her clients grow their businesses through integrated digital marketing strategies.

As a guest columnist for some of the leading SEO and digital marketing websites, like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Adweek, SCORE, Rio SEO and others, she’s earned recognition by having some of the most shared and read local SEO and digital marketing blog posts on the internet.

Sherry also speaks at some of the top digital marketing conferences, webinars and podcasts in the country, like Traffic & Conversion Summit (THREE TIMES!), Content Marketing World, State of Search, SCORE, MOZ, Digital Marketer, Edge of the Web, Duct Tape Marketing and more! She’s also a LinkedIn Learning Instructor with her course Learning Local SEO. Sherry also has a Master’s Degree in Internet Marketing at is an Adjunct Instructor who teaches digital marketing courses at some of the leading universities in the country, like Loyola University, University of Wisconsin Madison, California State University and others!

Find out more about who Sherry is, and you’ll learn why you will want to know more about her secret Google Business Profile project!