Google Business Profile Course Coming Soon!

Local SEOAn important first step in any local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is to verify and continually optimize your business’s Google Business Profile.

Getting your business listed on Google Business Profile increases your chances of showing up towards the top of Google search results in Google’s Local 3-Pack, the Google Local Finder or Google Maps. Google Business Profile can help your business rank higher on local search results and get more clients, customers, calls, website visits – and (most importantly) more sales!

But…what many businesses don’t realize is that claiming your Business Profile is just the first step – you must continually OPTIMIZE your Business Profile!

To get ahead, businesses need to take advantage of the various features that Google Business Profile has to offer – and these features are always changing. Smart businesses should continually optimize their profiles. Google Business Profile optimization is a must-do local SEO strategy!

In this course, Google Business Profile Platinum Product Expert, Sherry Bonelli, covers Google Business Profile claiming and optimization strategies as well as addresses frequently asked questions. You’ll also learn little-known pitfalls and strategy tips that few people know about.

Here are just some of the things you will learn:

  • What is Google Business Profile and how your local company can benefit from using this FREE service
  • Where can you find Google’s Guidelines and rules for setting up a Business Profile – and what types of businesses aren’t eligible for a local profile
  • The difference between Storefronts/Offices, Service Area Businesses (SABs) and Hybrid Businesses – and know why it’s crucial you have your business set up correctly
  • The importance of filling out all the available fields in your profile
  • Business naming rules you must follow – if you don’t adhere to these guidelines, watch out!
  • How to select the best categories for your business and why it’s important to getting found online
  • Why posts are important, ideas and best practices
  • How to use messaging/chat to get and engage with new customers
  • Questions & Answers best practices and tips
  • Why you must frequently check your profiles for unintended changes – and why those changes happen
  • Breaking Google Business Profile Terms of Service: Top things that will get your profile suspended
  • What to do if your profile gets suspended
  • Where to go to get help if you have Google Business Profile questions or need help
  • And More!

After taking this course you will walk away with real-world strategies you can implement on your Google Business Profile. You will also have answers to some of the most frequently asked Google Business Profile questions – and get tips and strategies that aren’t commonly known (especially by your competitors!

NOTE: When the course was created the product was called Google Business Profile. Just like any technology, things change, but the core concepts are essentially the same. The first video explains some of the core differences.

With this purchase, you will also receive a LIVE Q&A session with Sherry Bonelli where she will answer your questions. And if you can’t make it, the session will be recorded!

If you’re interested in getting on the waitlist and being notified when this course is launched, please contact us and in the comments please write “Notify me when Google Business Profile course is live.