Digital-Marketing-Trends-2016As a business owner, you need to know what digital marketing strategies to use in your business so that your customers can find you. But in a sea of digital marketing options (Facebook, Twitter, Reputation Marketing, Blogging, Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, etc.) how do you know which ones to select for your business?

First, you need to look at where your customers are online. Are you a B2B company? Then LinkedIn might be the best place for you to market online. Restaurant owner? Yelp and the online directories (i.e. customer reviews) are CRUCIAL to the success of your business. Landscaper? Blogging is a great digital marketing strategy for you. You can write informational blog posts giving home owners tips on how to keep their lawn looking green and amazing.

No matter which digital marketing strategies you choose for your business, you need to be active. That means don’t set up a Facebook page and put nothing on it. Don’t set up a Twitter account if you haven’t tweeted in more than 3 months. Don’t bother creating a blog on your site if you’re not planning on writing quality, informational content that your customers are looking for.

Your customers want to hear from you. (That’s how you create customer evangelists that can help YOU promote your brand to others.)

The other thing you want to keep track of is the NEW digital marketing strategies that are up-and-coming. There are new technologies popping up overnight, and you need to keep on top of these digital marketing trends. What’s new? What new technologies should you consider for your digital marketing efforts? One way to do that is to take a look at what digital marketing professional industry insiders are predicting. If you do a search for 2016 Digital Marketing Trends on Google, you will find a list of blog posts about what’s new this year and you’ll find new digital marketing strategies that you should take a look at implementing for your business.

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