Is Your Business’ Digital Marketing Working?

digital-marketing-reportsEveryone is going digital these days — and that includes your customers. Are you keeping up? If you’re not sure how you rate in the digital marketing world, we can help. Below are some FREE digital marketing reports you can run to see how your business’ digital marketing strategies are working.

Online Business Directories

Online business directories are crucial to your rankings because the search engines rely on these directories to pull in information about local businesses. It’s important for you to know if your business is not only listed on the top 20+ important online directories, but also that the information about your business is accurate. (That means that your business name, address and phone number must be EXACTLY correct — and the same — on as many quality online directories as you can get listed on.)

Check your online business directory listings now to make sure that your company’s name, address and phone number is listed correctly and consistently on as many directories as possible. We check some of the top, highly credible online business directories with this report. How does your business look?

Online Reviews/Reputation Marketing

If you run a business, you can’t avoid online reviews — no matter how much you want to. Ignoring reviews won’t help. A bad review can ruin your business, especially if you’re not aware of these bad online reviews. 88% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Your best reputation marketing strategy? Proactively ask your happy customers for reviews. We have the most sophisticated reputation marketing software to help you get, monitor and manage your online reviews. Do you know if people are saying bad things about your company online? Run your FREE reputation report and see.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your site isn’t properly optimized for the search engines, it will be harder for people to find your website. And showing up in the search engines is crucial to your online success. There are many variables that go into how your site ranks on the search engines — thousands or millions of factors, in fact. Everything from the content on each of your pages, the images that you use, the code that only the search engines see, how many people link back to your site, whether your site is mobile friendly…the list goes on and on and on!

Even though no one (except Google) knows exactly the algorithm used to rank websites on the search engines, there are some things that SEO professionals know can help. Run your FREE SEO Report to see what issues your site may have.

Mobile-Friendly Site

More people are using mobile devices to search online – mobile-device use even beats out desktop computers. Google thinks having a mobile-friendly site is SO important that in April 2015 they started penalizing sites that weren’t mobile friendly. Not only will you lose ranking positions if your site isn’t mobile friendly, you’re also creating a bad user experience for the few people that actually find your site on a mobile device. Not sure if your site is mobile friendly or not? Google has a FREE Google mobile-friendly test to see if YOUR website is mobile friendly.

How Did Your Site Do?

So…How did your website do? Could you use some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help? Did your site pass the Google mobile-friendly test? Are there bad reviews about your business online — or almost as bad, NO reviews?

If you found that you could use some digital marketing help, contact us today by calling 319-409-3287. We have 18+ years’ digital marketing experience that can help you build your brand online — AND get you more customers!