How to Come Up With Content Ideas

I write A LOT of guest blogs for a variety of large websites like Search Engine Land, MOZ, BrightLocal, SEMrush, SEO for Growth, Duct Tape Marketing and others. And it DOES take a lot of time to first think of good topics and then write good content. I recently wrote a blog post for Search Engine Land entitled 5 Content Distribution Strategies for 2018 where I talk about different ways you can use the content you already have to create different types of content you can use. It was a hit!

Reuse the content you already have

So if you’re struggling to come up with content ideas. Look at the content you already have on your website (or in your brochures or other marketing materials) and see how you can use it.

For instance, if you were interviewed on a podcast recently, did the podcast transcribe the interview? If not, ask if YOU can transcribe the podcast and turn it into a blog post on your site, link to the podcast and have you AND the podcast promote through social media. It’s like launching the podcast all over again!

There are so many ways that you can repurpose content (without duplicate content — which Google frowns on), you just need to be creative.

So go ahead and read the Search Engine Land post I wrote and get some great ideas and start repurposing your content in creative ways!